Titanic Survey Results

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Titanic Survey Results:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these Titanic Survey Results.

I asked people in Titanic Facebook groups to reply to the following:

I’d like to do a mini survey of my fellow Titanic aficionados. What is it about the Titanic, almost 104 years later, which continues to attract people? I speak to groups of all ages about the ship, her builders and designers, and the terrible tragedy that took her from us. The questions I get are endless. I have tried to explain the attraction. What do you think? I’d like your opinions. I’ll compile a list and post it here.

The entire result of the survey is seven pages, too long to post here. This is a summary of the most common reasons given (Note that most people gave more than one factor as the reason for their fascination):

Most Common Response:

  1. Twenty-one people responded: The human element of the saga. The selfless giving, the heroes who gave their lives, and the cowardly actions of a few. The microcosm of society, the ultra rich, the wretchedly poor, facing death together in the freezing water.
  1. Eleven people responded: The beauty and magnificence of the Titanic, her amazing construction, the promise of luxury and comfort for all on board.
  1. Eight people responded: Fascination started in childhood and has never waned.
  1. Seven people responded: The fact that so much of the saga is still a mystery.
  1. Six people responded: It’s a great story. No one could have created a better drama of life and death on the ocean.

If you would like a complete copy of all responses, total of seven pages, 37 responses, send me your email address requesting a copy at authorbill0007@gmail.com , I will gladly send a PDF copy.

Bill Blowers – Author of Dangerous Betrayal – The Vendetta That Sank Titanic. www.billblowers.com


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