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Bill Blowers is an experienced entertaining public speaker. He has served as an emcee for local social events and fund raisers, and volunteers in his local school district as a motivational speaker for high school students seeking career encouragement and advice.

As a result of 20+ years researching and writing about the Titanic, he has become a self-trained expert on the subject. His fascination with the subject has resulted in his historical fiction novel, Dangerous Betrayal – The Vendetta That Sank Titanic.


His speeches on the topic are engaging and educational and are as wide and varied as the disaster itself, including topics such as:

-The failure of the Californian to come to her aid as the Titanic sank.
-Why did a ship as large as Titanic sink in just under three hours?
-Would Titanic have survived if she had struck the iceberg head on?
-J. Bruce Ismay, perhaps the most vilified White Star Line officer.
-E. J. Smith, Titanic captain. Why did he allow the ship to sail directly into a huge ice field?
-Why were third class passengers locked below decks?
-The British investigation, was it a white-wash, refusing to lay blame where it belonged.
-William Alden Smith, US Senator and the American investigation.
-The refusal of first class women to go to the aid of freezing passengers as they were rowed away from the pleading mass of freezing humanity.
-The technical details of Titanic and the amazing feat of creating her in just three years.

And many, many more.

Bill speaks to groups large and small, donating his time for charitable events, with minimum speaking fees for others. Contact Bill for specific charges and scheduling.

Motivational Speaking

Bill Blowers is a retired engineer/business owner turned author. In addition to other public speaking activities, he is a motivational speaker for high school students.  He has been speaking to classes in his local area for the past few years on topics such as career choices, overcoming past failure, achieving success, engineering and science as career choices, and creativity and innovation.   His approach is to teach and motivate through the success stories of others. He likes to share some of the secrets of success, really very simple concepts, but ones that many are unaware of.

Bill does this because of his belief that those of who have had successful careers owe it to our young people to give them a glimpse of life after school. He likes to encourage them to follow their dreams, and to show them life and work can be very fulfilling.  He gets a kick out of seeing kids light up when they learn of others, just like themselves, who have overcome pretty tough situations and are now happy and successful adults.

Too many adults tend to discourage young people from following their dreams. Bill believes that this is largely because of fear of failure.  He does his best to dispel that fear.

Bill does not charge a fee for this work. However, if significant travel expense is involved, reimbursement is required.

To reach Bill, please click here.