Modern Cruising – Part 5

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Fun Times

Well, all good things eventually come to an end. The last day was at sea as we sailed from Grand Cayman back to Ft. Lauderdale. The weather had settled down a bit and we had a little sunshine on the way back. Here and there I had a chance to sit and work on my next novel while Sherron read, took a nap or spent time (and money) in the shipboard casino.

All that Friday we kept seeing TV reports of the weather that was hitting the northeast as far south as the Carolinas, and the affect it was having on the airlines. We were wondering if our flight back to LA would be delayed. Our airline was Virgin America. We had flown them before and had great experiences, this time they did not disappoint. They are a cut above the other airlines in terms of customer service. Not quite as good as Southwest, but not bad.

The ship docked right on time at 7 AM. We had elected earliest disembarkment and were off the ship by 8 AM. A short van ride later we were at the airport and very pleased that our flight was on time, in fact it was already at the gate for our noon flight back to LA. That was not the case for many of our fellow travelers who were headed for points north. Almost every flight going north of the Carolinas was cancelled or delayed.

Our plane took off on time. We had a nice lunch on the plane, and I slept most of the way home. We arrived 30 minutes early, the jet stream had conveniently moved north and didn’t slow us down. After an obligatory stop at In-N-Out we headed north and were home, our doggie Abby in hand (actually in our laps), by 5 PM.

It was a great trip, one we plan to repeat again. Next years country western cruise will feature Vince Gill, one of today’s hottest stars.

We met many wonderful people, learned to interpret several southern accents, and came back with memories and pictures that will last a lifetime. If you like country western music, this cruise is for you.

If you don’t like country western music, you’re missing great entertainment, songs that actually have a message, and words that you can understand.

Bill Blowers – Author of Dangerous Betrayal – The Vendetta That Sank Titanic. Hear Bill speak at the following locations. Admission is free, public is invited:

February 16, Simi Valley Senior Center, 3900 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley, CA. 1:30 PM

February 18, Ventura City Hall Auditorium, 510 Poli St. #109, Ventura, CA. 6:00 PM

February 20, Base Camp Cafe, 16311 Askin Dr. Pine Mountain Club, CA. 1:00 PM

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