Dangerous Betrayal Episode 3

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Titanic Historical Fiction, Dangerous Betrayal Episode 3

Dangerous Betrayal Episode 3: Chapter 2

April 14, 1912—11:35 PM, Aboard Titanic

Back in his room, Thomas Andrews was exhausted and angry. Would he ever be freed from the interference of Ismay? From the first day he was introduced to J. Bruce Ismay five years earlier, he had been forced to put up with his meddling. He was constantly interjecting himself where he had no place being. He interrupted with nitpicking comments, always trying to cut costs in the ship’s superstructure so that he could add more luxury to first class.

It wasn’t Ismay’s constant interruptions as much as his overbearing personality. He never failed to make all around him aware that he was the CEO of White Star Line, and that they, no matter their title or position, were simply minor cogs in his operation. He had a unique ability to make all who met him dislike him intensely. The last thing Andrews needed was a daily reminder of Ismay’s self-appointed position of second in command to God himself.

Andrews lay down on his bed. He stroked his temples, attempting to drive away the tension. How could Captain Smith have allowed Ismay to get away with this increase in speed? Was he spineless in the face of the chairman of White Star Line?

Dangerous Betrayal Episode 3

The speed increase was going to damage Titanic.

Andrews forced himself to calm down. It’s just a ship—theirs, not mine. Let them run her as they please. I have done my job and I have done it well. But with his inbred dedication to his work, such effort proved futile.

The rhythm of Titanic’s engines relaxed Andrews as he lay there. Gentle vibrations rippled through the steel hull like the breathing of a child asleep in his arms.

What was that? He heard something, or perhaps felt something was more like it. Did the engines skip a beat?

His telephone rang. He almost fell in his haste to answer the call. At this late hour, the phone ringing could only mean serious trouble somewhere in the ship. It was Fourth Officer Boxhall. “Get up here right now! We’ve lost control of steering.”

“What do you mean lost control? That’s impossible.”

“I’m telling you, sir, we can’t steer the ship.”

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