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Modern Cruising – Part 5

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Well, all good things eventually come to an end. The last day was at sea as we sailed from Grand Cayman back to Ft. Lauderdale. The weather had settled down a bit and we had a little sunshine on the way back. Here and there I had a chance to sit and work on my […]


Modern Cruising – Part 4

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Even with the rough weather, the trip was great fun and went beyond our expectations for enjoyment. About 20 top country western artists were on the ship and live entertainment was available nearly all day. There were four to six venues on the ship at any given time with performers like T. Graham Brown, the […]


Modern Cruising – Part 3

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Fifteen minutes before sailing time arrived. It was time for the safety drill. As we were going through this, I wondered if anyone, besides Sherron and myself that is, knew that such drills are a direct result of the Titanic sinking? There were no mandatory safety drills on sailing ships in the early 1900s. Those […]

Cruise Cake

Modern Cruising – Part 2

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A few weeks ago we went on our first chartered cruise, a Country Western Music event arranged by StarVista. The cruise line was Holland America, and the ship was the Westerdam. The trip started in Fort Lauderdale FL. But before we get into the trip details, a little background. My sister Liz and her Husband […]

Holland America Westerdam

Modern Cruising – Part 1

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For the next several blogs, I’m going to drift away from the Titanic a bit and talk about a more modern sea going phenomenon, cruise ships. Titanic was an ocean liner. One of a class of ships meant to get passengers and packages across a large body of water quickly. Cruise ships certainly move us […]

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Dangerous Betrayal Episode 4

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Andrews ran from his room. He took the stairs two at a time, rushed along the portside railing, and burst into the bridge control room to find the helmsman, Robert Hitchens, spinning the wheel from side to side with no effect on the ship. Unknown to them, the mechanism under the deck had been ripped apart […]

Titanic Historical Fiction, Dangerous Betrayal Episode 3

Dangerous Betrayal Episode 3

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Dangerous Betrayal Episode 3: Chapter 2 April 14, 1912—11:35 PM, Aboard Titanic Back in his room, Thomas Andrews was exhausted and angry. Would he ever be freed from the interference of Ismay? From the first day he was introduced to J. Bruce Ismay five years earlier, he had been forced to put up with his […]


Titanic Survey Results

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Titanic Survey Results: Thanks to everyone who contributed to these Titanic Survey Results. I asked people in Titanic Facebook groups to reply to the following: I’d like to do a mini survey of my fellow Titanic aficionados. What is it about the Titanic, almost 104 years later, which continues to attract people? I speak to groups […]

Titanic Historical Fiction, Dangerous Betrayal, Episode 2

Dangerous Betrayal Episode 2

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Chapter 1, April 15, 1912 Dangerous Betrayal Episode 2, One a.m. Viko peered through his binoculars at the stationary ship. He watched as panic took over, as they fired flares into the clear night sky. He went into the wireless room and put on the Marconi headphones. In the stillness of the room he listened […]

Titanic Captain Remembered

Titanic Captain Remembered

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Titanic Captain Remembered Further to my previous comments regarding, Titanic Captain – The Life Of Edward John Smith, by G. J. Cooper. Once again, I highly recommend the book to any serious Titanic aficionado. I was confused and distracted continually throughout the book as Cooper alternated between ‘E. J. Smith’ and ‘Ted Smith’. Whereas ‘Ted’ […]