Dangerous Betrayal

The Vendetta That Sank Titanic

“Dangerous Betrayal”, based on the Titanic disaster, is a work of historical fiction.

Was the Titanic disaster the ultimate act of revenge by a brilliant but psychotic genius? Why did Titanic sink? Could an act of sabotage have been the cause? The general conclusions reached by the inquiries into the disaster were that nature, coupled with bad judgment caused the accident. The investigators should have kept looking. They might have discovered a horrible truth; one that has been buried within the ship’s bowels since that fateful day.

Why wasn’t this possibility investigated by the US or British investigators? Was it simply too unthinkable in 1912 that someone would do such a dastardly act, or were the investigators, especially the Americans under Senator William Alden Smith, simply out to pin the disaster on the White Star line and her managing director, J. Bruce Ismay?

The scenario described in this book is frighteningly possible.

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