william-blowers-headshotWilliam Blowers (Bill) is a retired businessman and entrepreneur. After a highly successful career as an electronics engineer and business owner he has turned his creative efforts in the direction of creative writing. He enjoys creating fictitious scenarios about past historical events, works of original fiction, humor, and satirical observations on the human condition. Bill’s creative endeavors in his professional engineering career have been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Author: Bill has been writing since his high school days. He has authored hundreds of technical documents during his engineering career, and has recently completed his first novel, Dangerous Betrayal – The Vendetta That Sank Titanic. He writes short stories, essays, poetry, and publishes a blog, Titanic Profiles. His creative writing is published in his local town newspaper. In the works for future publication is a business book that chronicles his experience in business, written from the satirical viewpoint, of sure-fire ways to destroy company morale, profitability, and ultimately the entire organization.

Public Speaking: Speaking before groups, large and small, comes naturally to Bill, especially when he is passionate about the topic. One of those topics is the Titanic. The research he did as he created his Titanic novel has resulted in a warehouse of knowledge about the infamous ship and attendant loss of life. His speeches on the topic are educational and thought provoking.

Also dear to his heart is motivational speaking to high school students. Bill enjoys encouraging young people to follow their dreams. He shares success stories with them teaching through example that goal achievement is not only doable but incredibly rewarding.

Reaching back to his business experience, he speaks to entrepreneurs about the subtle errors that many startups make, and shows how those small errors add up to big problems, and too often result in failure.

Awards & Recognitions

academy-awards-groupBill was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars) in 1982 and 1988 and subsequently awarded Technical Achievement Awards for his work in the development of scientific instruments that improve motion picture post production quality. As a high school senior (1959) he received New York State regional awards for Journalism (sports reporting) and Creative Writing. In 2013 he was recognized by the Hart School District in Santa Clarita, California for his work as an influential motivational speaker.







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