Dangerous Betrayal Episode 1

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Titanic Historical Fiction Dangerous Betrayal Episode 1

Dangerous Betrayal Episode 1: Chapter 1, April 14, 1912

Viko’s tension subsided as the full realization of his conquest seeped through his body. He thought back over the events of the past few hours and weeks, of how everything had fallen into place. When the ice pack forced Captain Stanley Lord to stop the Californian for the night, it was stationed directly in the path of the approaching Titanic, the perfect place for Viko to carry out his vendetta.

Delicious thoughts of retribution ran through Viko’s mind. Let’s see how they fare when their money, influence, and prestige can reach no further than the frozen railings of their precious ship. How little their luxuries will mean to them as Titanic runs out of coal, when the heat stops flowing, as they have to eat cold food, maybe even raw meat, bitter food served in freezing dining rooms appointed with meaningless tapestries and stiff frozen furniture to remind them of their useless wealth.

He had warned Morgan, told him to leave his uncle alone, but the fat little bastard laughed at him—dared to call him a little pissant. No one took him seriously. But now they belonged to him. He, Viko Tesla, had stripped away the victory of their finest hour and would hold them hostage until the day they would pay him the ransom of their humility, on their knees before the man they had tried to destroy.

Once again his mind drifted to images of his uncle, the world-famous Nikola Tesla. Nikola was at once the most brilliant technical mind alive, yet at the same time the victim of his own naiveté. He was such a small man in the ways of the world—but he would be ignored no longer. Not after this eventful night. And Nikola would be the most shocked of all because Viko had done this by himself in complete secrecy, knowing that Nikola would never have allowed such a thing to happen.

When Titanic was finally located, its position discovered through the amazing technology that Tesla himself had created, then those sniveling barons of power would be at Nikola Tesla’s feet in thanksgiving.

Dangerous Betrayal Episode 1

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Dangerous Betrayal Episode 1

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