The Author

Bill has been writing since his high school days. He has authored hundreds of technical documents during his engineering career, and has recently completed his first novel, Dangerous Betrayal...


Bill Blower's first novel is a chilling story of revenge and sabotage against the builders of the Titanic that goes horribly wrong, resulting in the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of 1500 innocent...


Academy Award winner Bill Blowers is an experienced, entertaining public and motivational speaker. He speaks to groups large and small, and to high school students in his local area...

Dangerous Betrayal

The Vendetta That Sank Titanic

2:20 A.M. April 15, 1912. 1500 people perished in an iconic nightmare that would perplex the world for generations. How was it that the unsinkable Titanic, carrying 1320 passengers and a crew of 892, sank in freezing waters after hitting an iceberg three hours earlier - especially when the technology of Titanic was such that she could have easily avoided the impact with the iceberg? Was this a bizarre accident or the unfolding of a sinister plot to undermine the success of White Star Lines' feature attraction? For over one hundred years, the secret lay hidden in Titanic's bowels at the bottom of the North Atlantic. Only now does a story of conspiracy and revenge surface. It was an age of ruthless, wealthy barons who ran roughshod over anyone or anything that stood in their way - including the most brilliant inventor of the era - Nikola Tesla. Perhaps the world will finally know what may have happened that fateful night that held Titanic hostage on her maiden voyage.

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  • The Third Ship

    The lights of a ship were clearly visible from the decks of the stricken Titanic. The mystery ship seemed to be drawing closer giving hope that rescue was imminent. However, the ship did not respond to wireless messages or the Morse lamp. Distress rockets were streaming into the sky, and still the mystery ship did […]

  • Lifeboats of RMS Titanic

    One of the most biting criticisms directed at White Star Lines in the face of the Titanic disaster was the paltry number of lifeboats she carried. Titanic had a capacity of 3547 passengers and crew, and yet there were only twenty lifeboats on board. Fourteen of them, made from wood, had a capacity of 65 […]

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    One hundred years ago on May 7, 1915, The Lusitania was torpedoed by a German Submarine and sank off the coast of Ireland with a loss of 1,198 lives. Although not as famous as the Titanic disaster that took 1517 lives, the sinking of Lusitania was nonetheless a terrible loss of innocent life. Her sinking […]

  • Titanic and Lady Duff Gordon

    Lady Duff Gordon, aka Lucille, was a famous designer of women’s clothing and one of the survivors of the Titanic. She became a focal point of criticism when her Husband, Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon was suspected of bribing Titanic crewmen manning their lifeboat so they would not rescue others. Whether he actually did bribe them […]

  • Titan and Titanic

    Of the many psychic predictions  purported to have foretold of the Titanic disaster, the granddaddy of all occurs in Morgan Robertson’s novella, Futility – The Wreck of the Titan. It was penned in 1898, several years before the Olympic class of ships was even conceived. The fictional Titan and the Titanic are more than comparable, […]

  • Titanic Profiles – Marconi Wireless and the Titanic

    Passengers on the Titanic were experiencing a novel communications device. For a small fee they could send a personal Marconi wireless message to friends or relatives, announcing their impending arrival in New York, or to rave about the magnificent appointments of the ship. Among the first class passengers were such dignitaries as John Jacob Astor, […]

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    Strange as it may seem, when pondering the luxury built into the Titanic, I find it to be a contradiction. White Star Lines wanted new larger ships to take maximum advantage of the profit generated by the flow of immigrants heading to America. As one who has studied the Titanic saga from all angles, I […]